Ellen Rozman is the Locavore Next Door. As the LND, Ellen is always looking to educate and challenge those she meets to fight for a return to healthy, sustainable communities. This passion for local foods and community-centered wellness came from her own personal challenges with food and fitness.

After many successful years as a fitness coach, Ellen could hardly believe that her body was run down and wrought with physical stress. Even more shocking was the solution she eventually discovered to fight this suddenly painful illness. It was not, as she had anticipated, to work harder and longer, but instead to slow down and begin to reconnect with the world around her.

Ellen began to invest in the locavore movement, to reach out to local markets, farmers and organizations that were putting Austin on the map for growing health right in the heart of the city. Armed with her new knowledge, she began to chart her own path and followed her heart to a holistic new view.

Now Ellen shares this passion and wealth of guidance with those who want to make healthy choices for their family and community. She asks them to turn their worldview on its end, to consider, What if what is good for the community is also good for the body? What if being connected from farm to table means you can have it all– healthier bodies, lower cost to the environment and higher satisfaction?

We’re all connected, and the wellness of one person is ultimately connected to the sustainability of our world. Sometimes the transformation is rocky, sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed and confused, but that’s why you bring a friend along for the journey. Ellen offers programs and services designed to restore wellness through education and coaching.

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